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Iran Building Undisclosed Enrichment Facility, Group Alleges
FULL STORY  |  NTI - Sept. 9, 2010
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Pakistan Set to Lead IAEA Board
Pakistan appears likely to take over leadership of the International Atomic Energy Agency's governing board, even though the nation possesses nuclear weapons and refuses to join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

The South Asian state is also home to nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, one-time head of an atomic smuggling ring whose customers included Iran and North Korea. Pakistan's standing makes it a "not ideal" selection to chair the 35-nation board that governs the U.N. nuclear watchdog, according to one Western diplomat.

FULL STORY  |  NTI - Sept. 9, 2010
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Russia Unlikely to Violate Nuclear Pact Terms, Gates Says
Russia would be unlikely to violate the terms of a new nuclear arms control treaty with the United States, and doing so would damage the prospect for later pacts, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates wrote in remarks disclosed to key lawmakers.

U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in April signed a pact to replace the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. The deal would obligate both nations to cap their fielded strategic nuclear weapons at 1,550 warheads, down from the maximum of 2,200 allowed each country by 2012 under the 2002 Moscow Treaty.

FULL STORY  |  NTI - Sept. 9, 2010
Related Story: (GSN, Sept. 8, 2010)
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